All rods are 2 pieces, 1 tip unless 2 tips are specified.

Cost of rods are:
$700.00 CAD one tip
$850.00 CAD two tips
Rod are built to order and a non refundable $250.00 CAD deposit is required with the balance due before shipment of rod.
Prices are secure until December 2012.

Rods are garanteed for 1 year against maker's default. If you break your rod, I'll repair it. Repair charges are determined case by case, and I'll try to keep them as low as possible.

All rods come with a ferrule protector, a rod bag and an aluminum screw top rod tube.

We offer to our customer their choice of taper, colour silk, hardware and the colour of the rods, either blonde or mahogany. All rods are personalized with the name of your choice.

Types of Rods

6' -3 weight
7' -4 weight
7' -5 weight
7'6" -4 weight
7'6" -5 weight
7'6" -6 weight
8' -5 weight
8' -6 weight
8' -7 weight
8'6" -5 weight

Any other sizes on demand.